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Saturday, March 01, 2008

What Can ID Tell Us About The Designer?

Salvo magazine had a great issue that just came out...focusing on Intelligent Design.

Jay Richards wrote one article titled, " What Can ID Tell Us About The Designer?"

He ended his article with a paragraph worth repeating and remembering.

"Given the scope of evidence for design in nature, from biology to cosmology, we see that the designer must be able to create self-replicating nanotechnology, and to set up the basic properties of matter. This agent is, to say the least, creative, smart, and powerful. That might not tell you what to do with your life, but it certainly tells you something."

It's sadly ironic that we see University biology teaching that life is the product of an unintentional, purposeless process, where humans are an accident, and at the same time, we see University shooting after shooting. Is there a correlation, a causation?

It's sad that there is so much evidence for design, yet our schools teach a philosophy of meaningless and no purpose. Maybe we are tragically reaping exactly what we sow...a generation without perceived purpose or meaning.


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