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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Intelligent Design - The Origin of Biological Information

In this interesting video, a prominent defender of Darwinian evolution, Dr. Richard Dawkins, says the selective accumulation of lucky mutations can explain biological information.

This view is challenged by:
  1. biophysicist, Dr. Lee Spetner, in Israel,

  2. molecular biologist, Dr. Michael Denton, in New Zealand

  3. In Germany, Dr. Werner Gitt, an information scientist, explains that evolutionary processes cannot produce new information.

  4. in Australia, biologist Dr. Don Batten shows there are clear limits to biological change--frogs will always breed frogs.

Watch "From a Frog to a Prince"

In this video you will see:

Richard Dawkins can't answer the most important question asked, and then continues by answering a different question.

A good demonstration of the "fact" of evolution and just how sound the logic isn't.

A good example of scientists who don't believe Neo Darwinism is correct.

A good example of research that doesn't support the Neo Darwinian theory.


At 5:11 PM , Anonymous Ken said...

Denton is an Aussie - not New Zealanders. Only 2 NZers have signed up on the ID list.


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