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Thursday, November 15, 2007

PBS - Intelligent Design on Trial

And I thought reporters and journalists were supposed to be fair, impartial reporters of the news.  PBS cured me of that false impression after I watched their TV special on the trial at Dover which aired on November 13th.

If that PBS show was a trial, it was old Soviet era style.  Fairness and objectivity were things to only be wished for. Truth got the gulag.

Here's a link that points out some of the errors of the producers ways...

And the picture of the Book in the upper right corner...that happened by chance to insert itself into this blog.  If billions and billions of pieces of information can come together by natural forces without intelligence and cause the first life, then certainly that picture could get into this blog in the same manner.  The electrons just arranged themselves that way by chance.

Something tells me the average Darwinist won't believe a coincidence involving one picture and one blog, but will believe a coincidence involving billions of informational pieces that are complex and specified.

Does any Darwinist know the origin of the first biological information enabling life? PBS didn't bother to mention issues like that as they ran what amounted to a 2-hour commercial for their favorite philosophy.


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